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by clients request
2016 updated fees
For accurate prices call directly
To the owners of compositions

The prices are for full years

Mechanical play – ifpi

Up to 20 ppl 1,606 NIS
Up to 50 ppl 2,138 NIS
Up to 100 ppl 2,673 NIS
Up to 150 ppl 3,212 NIS


Up to 20 Sq"M 618 NIS
Up to 50 Sq"M 928 NIS
Up to 100 Sq"M 1,485 NIS
Up to 200 Sq"M 2,191 NIS
Up to 300 Sq"M 2,732 NIS
Up to 500 Sq"M 3,758 NIS


Up to 20 ppl 3,105 NIS
Up to 50 ppl 3,552 NIS
Up to 100 ppl 4,437 NIS
Up to 150 ppl 5,327 NIS
Additional 8%
For reproduction
Prices without VAT

Acum 2016 fees
Mechanical play

Coffee shops

Up to 30 ppl 1,165 NIS
30-50 ppl 1,666 NIS
51-75 ppl 2,315 NIS
76-100 ppl 3,019 NIS
101-125 ppl 3,602 NIS
126-150 ppl 4,164 NIS

Stores fees

Up to
 50 Sq"M 627 NIS
50-100 Sq"M 1,069 NIS
101-200 Sq"M 1,1069 NIS

Pubs fee 

Background muzik only

Up to 30 ppl 3,763 NIS
31-45 ppl 5,042 NIS
46-60 ppl 6,397 NIS
61-75 ppl 7,525 NIS
76-100 ppl 9,555 NIS
101-125 11,287 NIS
125-150 12,792 NIS

The prices without VAT

Are You a Restaurant, Bar, Coffee House or Health Club owner?

Do you need music for your business?

If you own a business and want music specifically tailored to your clientele
If all you wish for is music system for your business but do not have the time and energy to do it yourself then

We have the soundtrack for you

Click Here To hear out our artist of the month

Music Systems For Businesses

After you borrowed, invested, you bought and you tested
You’re done with the interior design
Hired the best people you could find
Have a personal trainer, a lead entertainer
The best PR agency around
Advertised all over town
Had the grand opening? Everything is working?
Great, we’re happy for you
But what about the most important thing?
The music!

Do your customers like oldie’s songs? Rap? Jazz?
Do you own a pub? Is the rock playlist keep repeating itself?
Do you own a Health Club and you’re tired of every Fitness instructor plays a different song?
Do you own an ethnic restaurant with a specific crowd?


The little detail that is so important but you give it so little thought
That computer you have laying around, Buried under a pile of paper work
Somewhere near the kitchen…
Your plan was to play the songs you have on your computer,
a friend will install windows (a legal copy??)
The manager will do the playlists; in the worst case you always have the Radio
It will be ok…

But it wasn’t!

(Keep reading)

Music and the customer

The customer can't be satisfied with just random songs anymore
Or with a playlist of songs you like
Having brand new top-of- the-line screens everywhere is not enough
The customer expect you to go that extra mile for him
He wants to feel he made the best decision coming to you
That his money is worth more with you
Prove it to him

Yes - a customer will notice if there’s a seven seconds delay between each song
Yes - a customer will notice if the same music is being played over and over again throughout the whole meal
Yes - the customer also got the collection-of-weird-songs CD for free
Yes - if you have a health club you need different music for spinning than for yoga

No - the customer doesn’t like hearing the sound of plates and cutlery because the music is not loud enough
No - the customer doesn’t like long pauses between songs
No - the customer doesn’t want to hear the news or traffic updates when he’s at your place
Help him forget about his day
Show him you thought of all the little things
And he will repay you

The Muzik Of ZMuzik

"Music is forever, music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die"
Paul Simon

We’ll spare you of articles and statistics of the Importance of music for a business
You know it's very important to your buisness
Think of life as a collection of moments and memories
Every moment has its sense and scent

Every moment has his soundtrack, its individual song
Each song tells a different story
Think of the moment you hear your favorite song

Or the music that only you or your closed ones listen to
The song that cheered you up in bad times
Your high school graduation school
The music at your wedding
The music at that great little restaurant you love
The songs you use to listen to on your walkman
Even the music from that Scene in the movie, when the hero is just about to defeat the villain
  You remember those songs
And so does the customer
And that’s the place he’ll want to return to
This time for the atmosphere

That’s exactly what we’re here for

Zmuzik provides sound and video systems for businesses,
playlists for coffee houses, bars, pubs, restaurants, country clubs,
You need it- we got it

Morning music, winter music, happy music, music for love, for alcohol,  for dancing,
And that is just the beginning…

We’ll provide you with a laptop and a Thin screen (we know you have a space problem)
With a legal copy of windows
And an assortment of playlists
All songs are Auto Normalized - meaning they all have the same volume level, saving you the trouble of resetting it for each individual song

The Interface is in a language of your choice
And supports full Hebrew for both menu and songs title
The  Zmuzik system is simple, user friendly, so that anyone can operate it
even if they’re scared of mice and other animals

We conducted surveys in a variety of businesses to put together the best selection of songs possible
The Result is that- nine out of ten songs will be exactly what the customer wants
Songs that are not heard anywhere else
You can see our Editor's choice in any music style and genre you need for your business-
From classical music, lounge-rock, chill-out or rare recordings of acoustic concerts
We focus on songs everyone loves but have forgotten about
Songs you won’t find on the radio
We create a sense of Originality
We create a sense of Uniqueness
We’ll have you and your costumer excited by the music

Our Service Representative will visit your business to work with you so that we can understand your needs
Then we will custom design a playlist to appeal specifically to your clientele

Check us out; see how five minutes of random genres can be Intriguing

Click here for a sample playlist

Copyright payments

We understand your confusion
You’re unsure about royalties: how much to pay, who gets what, where and how

Have no doubt- publication of any material that is not yours needs to be paid for
Charges Vary - a business that is open only a few times a week has to pay a different fee than a business that is open all year
You should know that even if you play music from tv or radio
You need to pay royalties

We will save you the trouble of handling this yourself;
Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist
 You with any problem you might have

For frequently asked questions see our guide on the left

Call now for a Free Consultation:
Main office:
to speak directly to a sales representative:

Or fill out your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as today
We’ll be happy to send over our service representative
With the zmuzik sound system for a free tryout!

Exactly Right
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